a film by Carmen Cobos & Kees Rijninks

Samen – Together (English Trailer)

Samen – Together (Dutch Trailer)

How do you react when you are told you have an incurable illness? When producer Kees Rijninks, husband of filmmaker Carmen Cobos, is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, they both feel their world falling apart. After months of sadness, anger and denial, they are now trying to find a new balance in their lives. In TOGETHER they follow a group of incurably ill patients, their partners and their neurologist for a year to find an answer to the question of how people deal with the knowledge that they will slowly waste away with no prospect of recovery. Will they find the resilience to continue giving their lives a positive meaning in sometimes hopeless circumstances?

From 5 December in the cinema and on Picl

Written & directed by Carmen Cobos
Written & produced by Kees Rijninks
Photography : John Appel, Diego Gutiérrez, Olivier van der Zee
Editor : Erik Disselhoff, nce
Sound : Mark Wessner
Composer : Wouter van Bemmel
Sound designer : Hugo Dijkstal
Graphic Design : David Domínguez, Ivan Bügel

Commissioning Editor HUMAN : Bert Janssens

‘SAMEN’ is a COBOS FILMS production in co-production with HUMAN
made with the financial support of NPO-fonds

ISAN 0000-0005-6D23-0000-J-0000-0000-H


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