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DANIELE GATTI Overture to a Conductor

Overture to a Conductor

a film by Carmen Cobos

produced by Kees Rijninks

★★★★☆ Het Parool

“The film is full of nice biographical information and fascinating rehearsal scenes which show that Gatti works very meticulously”

★★★★☆ Cinemagazine

“Beautiful, intimate portrait of a charming maestro”

★★★☆☆ NRC €œ

Particularly beautiful is one of the last scenes. A tense Gatti gets dressed in tails – like a high priest before the service. – “When all goes well you sometimes feel almost immortal.”

Film maker Carmen Cobos (Imperfect Harmony, NELSONS N˚5) presents an insightful portrait of the Milanese conductor Daniele Gatti. The Italian will be taking up the position of the Seventh Maestro of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam (RCO).

In DANIELE GATTI – Overture to a Conductor she paints an evocative picture of Gatti’s youth and musical development. During rehearsals for the opening of the new season of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam we meet Gatti as inspired conductor and artist.

The scenes of rehearsals are interspersed with interviews in which the Italian talks about his origins and how his parents encouraged his love for music. His talent and ambition brought him to leave the Milanese suburb where he grew up to embark on the long road to the top of the music world.

The film is not only a portrait of Gatti the professional but also of Gatti the person, in all his vulnerability and strength. Or like the Maestro himself described it: “…You have managed to capture the mirror of my soul.”

The DVD of this 78 minutes documentary is for sale on and in record shops in the Benelux.

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