a film by Carmen Cobos

‘Cat Stories’ is the filmmaker’s search for the emotional motives of millions of Dutch families to keep a cat as a domesticated animal. By means of a kaleidoscopic collection of portraits, which all center on the relationship between cats and their owners, the Spanish born director tries in a light-hearted, humorous manner to find out why we attribute human feelings to our cats, why we often care more for them than for our own family and what that ultimately says about us.

To be released from 4th July 2019
in selected cinemas in The Netherlands


Written & directed by Carmen Cobos
Written & produced by Kees Rijninks
Photography : Kees Rijninks, Sander Snoep nsc, Diego Gutiérrez, Olivier van der Zee
Editor : Erik Disselhoff, Diego Gutiérrez, Olivier van der Zee
Sound : Mark Wessner
Composer : Wouter van Bemmel
Sound designer : Hugo Dijkstal

Production KRO-NCRV : Yolande van der Blij
Commissioning Editor KRO-NCRV : Jelle Peter de Ruiter

‘CAT STORIES’ is a COBOS FILMS production in co-production with KRO-NCRV
made with the financial support of CoBO

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