Around the world in 50 concerts


During the unique world tour of the RCO celebrating its jubilee in 2013 we meet musicians and concertgoers. The tour develops not just into a journey across the globe but also as a trip to the core of classical music, a quest for the pallette of emotions which only classical music can arouse.

OPENING FILM IDFA on 19th November 2014

Trailer: English

Trailer: Dutch

In 2013 the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra tours the whole world to celebrate its 125th anniversary: 50 concerts spread over 6 continents. Unbounded passion and love for music brings musicians and concert goers together. Documentary maker Heddy Honigmann lands with the orchestra in Buenos Aires, Soweto and St Petersburg and shows how the ensemble succeeds in gaining the hearts of people with a different cultural background. A journey to the kernel and the power of music which knows how to touch unexpected emotions and which helps to overcome the pain of living.
Around the world in 50 concerts

Research, scenario & director : Heddy Honigmann
Produced by : Carmen Cobos & Kees Rijninks

OPENING FILM IDFA on 19th November 2014

DOP : Goert Giltay
Sound : Piotr van Dijk, Rik Meier
Editor : Danniel Danniel
Sound Editor : Hugo Dijkstal
Line-producer and research : Lies Janssen
AD and research : Laura Hermanides
Consultant AVRO : Jessica Raspe
Commissioning Editor AVRO : Marijke Huijbregts

A COBOS FILMS PRODUCTION in coproduction with AVRO

in cooperation with

YLE Jenny Westergård, SBS Andrew Golding & SVT Camile Lundberg

Made with the financial support of Dutch Film Fund, CoBO FUND, Mediafonds & VSB Fund

Copyright: © 2014 Cobos Films BV & AVRO

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Opening film IDFA 2014

Chrystal Film Award, the Netherlands 2014


2 comments to “Around the world in 50 concerts”

  • Paul Bink, 7 december 2014 at 16:14

    Mooie documentaire en schitterende muziek.
    Kunt u mij vertellen uit welk muziekstuk de mooie aria is, die de zangeres inzet bij de 28e seconde van de trailer, waar later de mannenstem bij komt?
    En wie de uitvoerenden zijn? Krijg er geen genoeg van…zo mooi.
    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Paul Bink

    • Mari, 3 maart 2015 at 20:32

      Volgens mij Verdi’s requiem. Maar ik weet niet wie de uitvoerenden zijn. Helaas want inderdaad prachtig


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