A Cry From The Grave

In this two hours documentary director Leslie Woodhead reveals the moving history of the biggest massacre in Europe since WW2 in which over 7000 men of Srebrenica were killed.

The massacre, by Serbian forces, of over 7.000 Muslim men in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica was the most horrific feature of the bloody ethnic conflict in the Balkans at the end of the 20th Century. How did the atrocity happen? How can humanity deal with such a phenomenon at the heart of Europe? What justice is possible for such a war crime? One extraordinary film stands as testament to the genocide: A Cry from The Grave. Combining the testimony of witnesses, interviews with senior investigative and judiciary figures, and previously unseen footage shot by the Serbs and Dutch peacekeeping soldiers, award-winning director Leslie Woodhead tells the story of a brutal 72 hours in the life and death of 7.000 Muslim refugees supposedly under the protection of the United Nations’ safe areas. So compelling is evidence gathered in the film, that extracts were shown at the trial of Bosnian Serb commander, General Radislav Krstic, who, alongside indicted war criminal, General Ratko Mladic, is implicated in the genocide.

Original title: A Cry From The Grave



Associate Producer: KEES RYNINKS

Credits: Photography Gerry Pinches / Sound Tony Meering / Editor Ian Meller / Associate Producer Kees Ryninks

An Antelope production for BBC in association with Thirteen/WNET, NPS, Ryninks Films and WDR.

Sales Agent: BBC Worldwide www.bbcworldwidetv.com

Sold to: Australia, Bosnia, Canada, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Israel, Yugoslavia, Belgium and Switzerland.

Versions: English subtitles, colour, 104 minutes.

Copyright: 2000 BBC Worldwide Ltd

Grand Prize Banff Television Festival, 2000
Best History or Biography Programme Banff Television Festival, 2000
Amnesty International (USA) Television Documentary
Amnesty International Media Documentary Festival, 1999
Special Jury Award, Amsterdam International Film Festival, 1999
FIPA d’Argent French FIPA Festival Biarritz, 2000
Most Compelling Story One World 2000 Festival, Prague




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